Thank you for the United Global Ice Cream Hug 2015!

I’m not sure I have words to express what this day has meant to all of us as the kids and families who have had childhood cancer turn our worlds inside out and upside down. Childhood cancer tries to take so much away from us: faith, peace, stability, security, community, joy, and sometimes even our kids themselves.

But today each of you surrounded us with a united hug that reached all the way around the globe! Today we experienced comfort, encouragement, smiles, cleansing tears, laughter and hope. Thank you for being a part of that incredible gift to us! If today has inspired you in some way to want to do something to continue to help, there are endless opportunities out there. Start at home and reach out to a family you might know personally. Volunteer to help out with local or global childhood cancer research projects, hospitals, foundations, or organizations. Donations are always needed too.

This Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is all about encouraging kids and their families who have been wounded in battle. Our hope is that as you engaged in the child-like joy of the moment your eyes felt opened a bit wider to the struggles, and your heart opened a bit wider to the possibilities of other ways you can get involved.

THANK YOU for showing up to this world wide party and for being a part of something amazing today! See you next year as we have more fun together and reach out to even more kids and families in need of our support.

A HUGE and special thank you to Alisa (Malia’s aunt) who pretty much ran the website today! This event would never have happened without her creativity, passion and technical abilities. You throw a fabulous birthday party.

By Annette Peterson, Malia’s mom

2015 Stats!

In the past week (2/11-2/18), here is what’s happened with our little day (that’s not so little any more)!!! I stand AMAZED!!!! The world heard that‪#‎kidsgetcancertoo‬ and Wow – we celebrated, remembered and partied on with a truck load of amazing kids!!!

Website: 5,000 separate people came and checked it out!

Facebook: on our page alone the total reach was 147,057 separate people with 20,994 people who liked, shared or commented on a post directly from or on our page. Plus 3,841 new likes of folks who will join the movement next year! This doesn’t account for anyone who posted their picture somewhere else (like on their own page or on a news article) without hashtags.

Hashtag Stats (from facebook, twitter & Instagram):

Posts containing ‪#‎eaticecreamforbreakfast‬ were seen by 872,319 separate people & posts containing ‪#‎icecreamforbreakfast‬ were seen by 3,918,242 separate people!

2015 Star Power!

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