Malia Grace Peterson is Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day’s Inspiration

Malia Grace Peterson was born on February 18, 2001 and left this earth for the joy of heaven while sleeping on December 7, 2010. The 9 years in between those dates was a lifetime in which she touched countless lives with her energy, humor, laughter and hugs.

Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day falls on Malia’s birthday and is run by her Mom and Aunt. We do what we do for the love of Malia.

Her grandpa’s Mike and Canton, her great grandparents Verna, Les, Burton, Lorna, and Ruth as well as our dear friend Mindi preceded her journey to heaven. Malia is survived by her parents Joe and Annette, her sisters Madi (7) and Marissa (3); her best friend Shelby, her grandparents Merlyn, Vermae and Carolyn, great grandparents Maynerd and Verna, her auntie Alisa and an abundance of additional aunts, uncles, cousins, classmates and friends.

Malia loved being a student and always looked forward to being at school and church with her friends. She loved animals, playing soccer and being outside, watching movies and playing video games. Malia was strong willed from the day she entered the world to the day she left it, but with that will came an unquenchable joy and passion for living and loving like no other.

Her courage and resolve during her 14 month battle with stage 4 Wilms Tumor, childhood cancer left all of us who knew her challenged, changed and inspired. Malia asked Jesus to be her Savior and the Lord of her heart at the tender age of 7. She taught us to live with joy despite our circumstances and to find hope in a God who can carry us through any difficulty.

Rest in peace sweet girl. Dance in the presence of Jesus and sing like only you can. We are so proud of you and thankful for the gift of time we had together. You will be deeply and utterly missed.

Just One Little Seed: A Poetry Collection and Story About Grief, Hope and Restoration

You can also read about Malia, and the process her parents went through of grieving her, through poetry and story, in this Kindle book they self published in 2013.

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