7 Things About Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

We’ve always been virtual, since before virtual was cool (or necessary).

People have participated from drive-thrus, place of work, hospital bed, cafeteria, restaurants and most often their very own home at the beginning of the day. No need to share germs, just share your picture (and a bit of your heart).

You can eat things other than ice cream.

No need to feel that you can’t participate if you are dairy-free, vegan or have food allergies. Get creative and find a way to embrace your inner child during the morning of February 18th. Here are some ideas for alternatives to ice cream.

It all started with one little girl who loved life.

Malia Grace left us far too soon, and that isn’t fair. But Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast is about her ALIVE. It is celebrated on her day of birth, and captures a few of her favorite things – silliness, a good party and frozen convections. Now, we just need to get her family, friends and unicorn poop in there somehow.

We’ve been celebrating since 2013.

I know, it’s hard for us to believe too… but this whole crazy idea started way back then and hasn’t stopped since. Each year is different, but each year is special. This year will be too.

We have no paid staff, or budget.

One of Alisa’s brushes with fame was when she talked to Kevin Bacon’s manager on the phone. He asked how big the EICFBD staff was and our annual budget. She laughed out loud, zero to both questions. Just two Minnesota sisters who love one kid.

*And if inquiring minds want to know, Kevin DID virtually eat with us in 2015 and 2016

We don’t raise any money.

Most childhood cancer organizations and events are about fundraising, because childhood cancer gets less than 4% of all cancer research dollars… but we wanted to keep focused on awareness, gratefulness and community. However, we do hope that once you participate your brain starts thinking, because we know that awareness leads to knowledge and then to action.

It’s free, easy to participate.

Just buy your ice cream and take a selfie while you are eating and let your friends know WHY you are eating. If you have a connection to pediatric cancer, let people know. If you don’t tell people about one of our featured kids.