Mia is Fighting

On February 18th, I will eat a scoop to support Mia’s #cancerfight because #kidsgetcancertoo. @eaticecreamday #neuroblastoma #mass

Prior to cancer, Mia’s family of 4 was never sick with more than a cold. They loved playing outside and going fishing. They were often at their local zoo, and the kids loved going to see the animals.

Mia is extremely smart for her age. She could sing her full alphabet by 18 months old! Her favorite thing to do has always been to sing along to Barney, Daniel Tiger and lots of other songs. She makes EVERYTHING she does into a song. She also loves fishing and got her first fishing pole at just over a year old. She would hang out by the pond in their backyard fishing with her dad and big brother all day if she could!

Mia was 3 years old when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. She was sick for a couple months, but three weeks before diagnosis she got a pretty high fever and was diagnosed with cat scratch fever. After a week and a half on antibiotics, she wasn’t doing any better. She was put on iron for low hemoglobin. Then she stopped being able to stand or walk and all she would do was lie on the couch and cry because she was in so much pain.

Her family took her to the ER and they ran ALL the tests. A CT showed a mass on her adrenal gland. Further tests revealed that it was actually a baseball sized mass on her adrenal gland, lesions on 4 vertebrae, her sacrum, pelvis, femurs, and one shoulder blade. Several lymph nodes were involved and there was 95% disease in her bone marrow.

Chemo was started immediately and she joined a trial treatment regimen. She underwent 3 rounds of chemo, but then she went into shock so the MIBG therapy was put on hold. She had another round of chemo and as her doctors and family were preparing for a second attempt at MIBG therapy she was exposed to chickenpox and it had to be postponed again. Her family pulled her off the trial and proceed with regular protocol. She had surgery to remove her primary tumor and a couple of lymph nodes and had a 5th round of chemo.

She completed 2 stem cell transplants back to back like a champion and started radiation on January 21st. Her most recent scans (back in August 2019 before transplant) were really good and only a couple of spots still lit up on the scans and her bone marrow was at less than 1% disease.