Lachlan (Lox) is Fighting

On February 18th, I will eat a scoop to support Lox and his family because #kidsgetcancertoo #fighter #all #tcell @eaticecreamday.

Lachlan (his family calls him Lox) comes from a New Zealand family of 5 that loves to get out in the sun and kick the ball around. Lox has a feisty attitude and does life on his own terms. He’s full of moxy and has a wicked sense of humor. He loves to dance and can even belt out a good tune if you twist his arm.

Lox is Fighting

When Lox was only 3 years when he was diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

He was diagnosed after unrelated hospitalizations, which required him to have regular blood tests. On the second test, his doctor called and told his family to head to Starship Hospital. After many tests, Lox was introduced to the Oncology Unit.

His life and his families lives were changed forever on a Friday in June 2019, when they went from a family with hope for the future to a family with a little boy who was very ill and who would only have months to live without treatment. Lox was admitted that day and begin preparation to start treatment on Monday.

Since then, Lox and his family have had many scary moments, many admissions, roid rage, mucositis, nausea, vomiting, huge weight loss, huge weight gain, infected port, delerium, leg pain, heart pain, severe constipation, feeling of isolation, uncertainty, hopelessness, immense sadness.

But out of all of this, they said they learned that children are so special and their love for each other is what fills their cup and they have learned to:

  • live in the moment and really appreciate those who are with them and support them.
  • Not sweat the small stuff and to act with kindness but also let go.

From his family, “Lox is now in maintenance and is doing good. He’s come through the worst of it and we truly believe it’s his life on his terms attitude that’s seen him to this point. Our wish is to give love to all families who know this journey and to those who will unwittingly join us. You are not alone. We see you.”

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