Katie is Resting

On February 18th, I will eat to remember Katie, because #teensgetcancertoo. #osteosarcoma #bekind @eaticecreamday

Katie was a very typical teenager. At 15, she was learning how to balance school, sports, boys, church and acting (especially as “freckles the clown”).   Basketball & volleyball were her sports of choice.  She was also a loud, bubbly and sometimes annoying, baby sister to Jacqui and John.  Yet, in the spring, she started having some pain in her knee.


In June 2010, it was confirmed that Katie had osteosarcoma and by Jan 2011, there was nothing more the doctors could do for her.  Katie lived each day to the fullest and faced her cancer with courage, grace and the support of many family, friends and her entire community.

Katie’s positive outlook and crazy, fun-loving spirit encouraged everyone around her.  When she knew that she would be  losing her leg, the first thing she said was , “well I guess I will need half as many razors as I will only have one leg to shave”.  Despite her own treatment, she loved to assist the younger cancer patients with crafts and other activities.

Katie passed away at age 15, just 6 weeks shy of her 16th birthday.  Her memorial service was held on February 18, 2011.  Her life continues to inspire and encourage so many.  Many random acts of kindness for Katie (RAKK’s) are done on a regular basis & a team has been formed (Kickin with Katie) to raise funds for childhood cancer and osteosarcoma research.