Jake is Fighting

On February 18th, I will eat a scoop to support Jake’s #cancerfight, because #kidsgetcancertoo. @eaticecreamday #lymphoma #siblings

Jake is a smart, funny 10 year old boy, who loves to be active and to read. He comes from a family of 5, including his sweet twin brother. His first mom passed away from Leukemia, and his dad remarried when they were 6. His family is active and the boys play football, baseball and do jujitsu.

At 9, Jake was proud to have finished his first year of tackle football, but was diagnosed with lymphoma a month after the season was over. He had a football sized mass in his chest. After 74 days in the hospital, 10 months of intense chemo, and a fungal infection that almost ended his life, Jake is now is in maintenance therapy for the next year and a half.

His family calls him warrior Jake because he is a fighter. Jake and his family are enjoying getting back to some of the things they loved before cancer; sports, school, church, family dinners and outings.