Bella is Fighting

On February 18th, I will eat a scoop support Bella’s #cancerfight because #kidsgetcancertoo. #livercancer @eaticecreamday

Bella is a lively 5 year old that loves anything pink, glitter, Minnie Mouse, or kittens.  She enjoys dancing in her tutus and singing to her favorite Disney songs. She has a vivid imagination when it comes to playing with her little brother Ian, 2.  Bella loves to watch movies & play games with her family, and they especially like being outside.


Bella was diagnosed April 2017 with stage IV hepatoblastoma (liver cancer), after seeing her regular doctor.  She endured 4 rounds of chemo before having her 2 lung metasis surgically removed.  The next step was to have a liver transplant as that is the only cure for stage IV hepatoblastoma.  Her family received their phone call that there was a potential liver after 24 hours of being on the transplant list, but the donor’s family backed out of donation.

Bella is currently healing from chemo and is getting ready to be placed back on the transplant list.  If she can get a new liver, she will need at least 2 more rounds of chemo following transplant to ensure no further cancer cells are floating through her body.

Bella continues to surprise her family with the amount of intense chemo she’s endured as she continues to have the most beautiful sparkle to her eyes.  The bond between Bella and her little brother Ian has strengthened through this journey. Ian loves spending the week with Bella as she receives treatment in the hospital. He’s the clown to place a smile on Bella’s face while Bella loves teaching Ian everything cool at the “castle.” Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their kids smile and giggle during the most unpleasant times.  They thank God everyday for these little blessings.