Alex is Celebrating

On February 18th, I will eat a scoop to celebrate Alex’s #remission, because #kidsgetcancertoo. @eaticecreamday #minnesota #wilms #wilmstumor

Alex is an enthusiastic, funny, smart and caring individual that brings a smile to everyone he meets.  Alex lives with his mom and dad and his little brother Nico. He also has two cats, a puppy and a turtle. They enjoy spending time together and cheering on the Minnesota Wild!


In October of 2010, at age 5, Alex was diagnosed with Stage 5 Bi-lateral Wilms Tumor with metastases of the lungs. After radical and partial nephrectomies, nine months of chemotherapy and 8 days of radiation, he was declared cancer free. We have been so blessed to have clear scans for the past 5 years. Alex still suffers from many long term side effects, physically and mentally, from the treatment, but he is a healthy, cheerful young man.

His mom says, “We met Malia the day we were admitted. We have ice-cream for breakfast each year to honor her fight and all the other children fighting cancer. Life is too short to not eat ice-cream for breakfast!”