Adrian is Resting

I will remember Adrian on February 18th with a scoop of ice cream for breakfast, because #kidsgetcancertoo. @eaticecreamday #wilmstumor #wilms #forever12

Adrian was a happy busy kid who enjoyed video games, baseball, swimming, fishing & creating art.  He also enjoyed taking French classes, taking classes at his Spanish immersion school (fluent in 3 languages) and music lessons.  But, hanging out with friends and family at the cabin cooking out was the best!


Adrian was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumor at the age of 9. He had his right kidney removed and started chemo.  Adrian was cancer free till he next scan showed a tumor had relapsed in his lung. He had chemo treatments, surgery’s, and a exceeded his allowance of radiation.  Adrian was in a few chemo trials, his tumors had not responded to the treatments. At age 12 Adrian had lost his battle to a rare form of Wilms’ tumor.  Adrian’s smile and strength and courage will be missed by so many.