Aaron and Abby are Celebrating

On February 18th, eat a scoop to celebrate with the coolest siblings we know, Aaron and Abby, because #kidsgetcancertoo. #remission #ALL #tcell #survivors

Aaron is 20 years old and is studying accounting, plays the trumpet, and enjoys cooking. Abby is 18 years old and plans to attend Bethel University to study Pediatric Nursing and would like to become a pediatric oncology nurse.

Aaron says, “Other than Abby and I, we have a funny younger sister named Allison who will be 15 in about a month along with our parents Tim and Terri. And we can’t forget about our poodle, Lucy, who is our best friend. It seems like our life revolves around Lucy… She is very loved. We all enjoy camping and spending time outside.”


Abby was diagnosed with ALL Philadelphia Chromosome Leukemia on Nov. 11, 2009. She endured around 17 months of strong chemo and then another year and a half of maintenance-phase treatment. She is doing great and this November, will be 5 years cancer free!

Aaron was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins T-Cell Lymphoma on Dec 13, 2013. He relapsed on Jan 15, 2015. He then received an expanded umbilical cord stem cell transplant on April 14, 2015. On April of this year he will be celebrating second “second” birthday, as transplant day is a huge milestone. Aaron has been cancer free for almost two years now.

Aaron added, “Having both brother and sister going through the horrible process of cancer treatment, Abby and I want to do all we can to raise awareness that “Kids get cancer too!”.